I am Steinar, although online, many will know me as Sesse. After moving back and forth for a while, I now live in Oslo, in my home country of Norway. I currently work for Google, on the Chrome web browser, but during my previous Google employment, I also worked on projects such as IPv6, Snappy, Search by Image, Offline Maps, TensorFlow, and many more I cannot talk about. I've also worked in the MySQL optimizer team for Oracle, where I wrote the new executor in MySQL 8.0 as well as the upcoming new join optimizer. I sometimes take pictures, and I play ultimate.


You can reach me by:


NOTE: To send a patch to any of these projects, just do “git push”, and I will receive an email with your patch. Remember to set the committer email appropriately!

I happen to be quite good at changing patterns of lights, so I do that a lot. A lot of the code I write is made available, even the projects that are not very useful, or even completely unfinished. Most of them are just Git repositories, but some have things that look like web pages dedicated to them. The list of projects includes:

Video tech

Other popular


Also, when I don't write software on my own, I tend to find things that is wrong in others'. I've lost track of all the patches a long time ago, but I have code in at least Android, autofs, bcachefs-tools, binutils, BusyBox, c-ares, CasparCG, cdpd, Cura, debian-installer, difftastic, dpkg, FFmpeg, Frei0r, GIMP, glibc, gpsd, grip, grpc, GStreamer, Hitch, Kdenlive, libusb, Linux, make, MediaWiki, Mesa, MLT, MPlayer, MuMuDVB, Net::RawIP, NeoMutt, nfs-utils, perf, Request Tracker, rtorrent, Slashcode, StepMania, Stockfish, TLSe, VLC, typespeed, webalizer, wee-slack, WINE, and probably a lot of others that I forgot.


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